12 responses to “Candida Recovery

  1. Steven, I am currently dealing with Lyme disease and will remain on antibiotics for a lengthy period. I appreciate what you’re doing here by posting this video. I am about to watch it in its entirety but wanted to say thank you to you first. I don’t know if you know about re-blogs and if you’re comfortable with them. I’d like to re-blog this on my page for other Lyme patients I am in contact with, with your permission. In re-blogging, the visits will still be to your site, as well as any comments; that way you still get the credit for your work. But I believe it would be beneficial to share it. Let me know how you feel about this. Kindest regards, Belinda

      • Steven, you’re most welcome. In taking courage by putting oneself out there, it offers hope to others. That is something to be commended. Have a beautiful and inspired day.

      • In due time Steven. I am very determined! I have been very fit my whole life and intend on living that way again. I loved the gym on multiple levels, not just for fitness, but for strength and meeting people with mutual goals of well-being. That is the future I intend to regain. I hope you receive some visits from my friends. I know a great group of people.

      • Thanks again, just be careful if you end up using the MCT oil (if you don’t already). If you’re having a flare up, it will knock it out right away, but it will not feel good. I worked my up to 2 TBL over the course of a month.

      • Thank you for the additional information. I tend to dive in head first because of my determination to be well, but it’s sometimes beneficial to reign myself in, and be well, gradually. I appreciate your time.

      • 🙂 just make sure to ease your way in with the MCT. I made the mistake of going to fast once, and the pain was similar to what I felt coming off of 3 solid months of morphine.

      • I cannot even begin to imagine that experience. Truthfully, I’m uncertain as to the experience that required long term antibiotics, I have to revisit your site and get reacquainted. I don’t mean the why of taking antibiotics, but how it happened. Do you still experience pain often?

  2. Reblogged this on Busy Mind Thinking and commented:
    This is the first time I have re-blogged this gentleman’s work. I do so because many of us here are on long term antibiotics and deal with this very issue. I hope you’ll visit Steven and commend his efforts to offer help and hope.

  3. Im totally ignorant of this subject.. Thanks for the video.. I truly never thought of the consequences of using antibiotics.

  4. Great video and very informative. Candida has been shown to cause insatiable food cravings for sugary foods, biscuits, breads and all the food groups I want to avoid so it’s good to keep it in control. I am a huge fan of coconut oil and cider vinegar too.. a stable in my cupboard!

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