Lunch Time



Sticking with a healthy lifestyle can be tough, especially when it comes to lunch time.  Over the years I have found this meal to be the most challenging because I want it fast, on the go and I don’t want to spend a ton of money on it.  When I end up paying more for a salad than I would a grass-fed rib-eye I get upset.  I get even more upset when I’m hungry again 3 hours later.  So I created this handy little guide for some quick and easy prepared meals or meals to grab on the go.

Frozen veggies, grass-fed butter and hemp seeds

On low heat, dry saute 2-3lbs of frozen veggies for 20 minutes. Then, add 4-6oz of butter or ghee. Stir, add hemp seeds and salt to taste. Try using any combination of the following cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, zucchini, pearl onions and peas(if you want some carbs).

The taste is pretty incredible and will leave you fulfilled. This is my go to meal when I have time to make something in the morning. If I am at home I will use ground beef instead of hemp seeds.  I use hemp seeds on the go because I am afraid of meat spoilage when I leave this dish out.

You can get frozen veggies for 1$ – 3$ a lb and Kerrygold Butter for 3$ per 8oz.


Well now hold on! This is isn’t just any chocolate I’m talking about. You need to get your hands on some dark chocolate, ideally 85% of above. Lindt 90% is widely available, but my recommendation is TK 85% because it is simply the best I have ever had. I discovered this chocolate at the fancy foods show back in June and wow did they blow me away. The owner of the company TK even had some of his cacao beans there and they smelled incredibly sweet. TK is 100% organic and fair trade. The downside is that this chocolate needs to be ordered online until it is available in Wholefoods.

Total Cost 3-5 bucks per bar

BPA-Free Coconut Milk Shake

When you shop for coconut milk look for can without the silver lining on the inside. The silver lining contains BPA which is a known carcenogen. Trader Joe’s has a great option that is both organic and BPA. My favorite recipe is 1 can of coconut milk with 2 scoops of my favorite protein powder. I like to use sunwarrior and upgraded whey. Note, when using the Upgraded Whey you have to add flavor like cacao powder and a sweetener. Xylitol is my favorite option, but you can only consume bout 2 to 3 TBL of this per day. Because Xylitol is a carbohydrate NOT digested by your body its like eating pure fiber.

Total Cost 3 bucks for the coconut milk, 2 bucks for the protein

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