How To Make Ghee

This is my official how to make Ghee tutorial.  After years of swearing off dairy, I found this wonderful way to include butter back into my life.  Not only is ghee a highly nutritious food it can add depth and complexity to almost any dish.

Ghee is essentially clarified butter that is cooked until the milk solids separate from the butter fat.  This means, people who have dairy sensitivities can now receive the benefits of eating butter without having to consume the inflammatory milk proteins.

Ghee has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.  Health claims vary from curing alcoholism to healing the blind.  The healing power of ghee occurs because of ghee is a rich source of fat soluble vitamins.  For example, a deficiency in vitamin A is linked to night blindness and if the deficiency is severe enough blindness.

Besides having very high amounts of fat soluble vitamins, ghee is one of the rare foods that has short chain fatty acids in the form of butyrate acid.  This fat helps heal the gut mucosal lining that is damaged by chronic inflammation, food allergies, leaky gut, Crohn’s disease and colon cancer.

Ghee Recipe

1-3lbs of grass fed butter (I use Kerrygold unsalted)

Large flat bottom pot such as a stock pot

Fine mesh strainer or cheese cloth

Metal tablespoon for skimming milk solids off the top

Step 1
Buy Kerrygold unsalted butter.  Normally, this runs about 3 bucks for an 8oz bar.  You can pick it up at Wholefoods, Trader Joe’s or Fairway.


Step 2
Place butter in stockpot and set to lowest heat setting.  Do not let it boil.  The butter should bubble every 15 to 20 seconds.

Step 3
Skim the white milk solids off the top.


Step 4
Wait until the milk solids pretty much stop moving to the top of the ghee.  Then, pour through a strainer into a mason jar or other container.  Be careful not to get any of the milk solids located at the bottom of the stockpot into your ghee.


Voila!  You are done.  Enjoy your ghee.  It goes well with just about everything.  Traditionally it is suggested to include about 2TBL in your diet each day.


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