Benefits of Coconut Oil When Used Internally

Another great article on the benefits of coconut oil. If you do not like the taste of coconut oil, you can take the medium chain triglycerides in supplement form. They are very powerful for boosting your metabolism up to 15% and at killing harmful microorganisms.

Versatile Coconut Oil

We have already taken a good look at the benefits of coconut oil when applied externally to the body. Now we will briefly examine the benefits of taking coconut oil either as a food ingredient or as a supplement. I say we will only take a brief look because the number of different benefits that can be attributed to coconut is quite extensive and, if you are looking for a more exhaustive list you can visit the Coconut Research Center site.

Instead, what we will do is take an in-depth look at some of the more important benefits that have been documented. Many of these benefits can be put down to the existence of the saturated fatty acids that are present. Their level of importance is really only a nominal choice by me based on how widespread the problem is and how much of a difference it makes to the…

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3 responses to “Benefits of Coconut Oil When Used Internally

  1. Great read! Been using coconut oil in body scrubs and hair masks for a while now but after seeing all the benefits associated with incorporating it in your diet, I definitely will be! Article doesn’t really say how much to take in order to reap the benefits but I guess that’s what good ol’ Google is for..

    • If you take 2 TBL of that MCT that I linked in you will get the benefits. You would have to take 16TBL of coconut oil to get the same results. Coconut Oil does make your skin glow!

      • hmmm. . 16TBL doesn’t really sound doable, I would be coconuted-out long before I reach my daily quota- definitely checking out the supplements 😉

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