Obesity is now a disease?

Recently the AMA has classified obesity as a disease.  On one hand, it’s awesome that the AMA recognizes obesity as something more than someone eating too much.  On the other, this means that big pharma is now going to be making obesity curing pills.  Soon, doctors will not be sending obesity patients to nutrition and fitness professionals, but they will prescribe a pill.  I’m very worried that big pharma is looking to profit off of obesity, just like they do with cancer.

5 responses to “Obesity is now a disease?

  1. Yes, they do go crazy with their diagnosis track, just like the psychology diagnosis manual now lists being too happy as a disease. But big pharma has already gotten into drugs and surgeries for obesity. I’ve had clients who have had the stomach bands put in and I didn’t see any shift in their weight.

    • I know they have the bands, but I thought the drugs were very uncommon. I’m very worried that the AMA will go after people trying to cure obesity, by using something other than their drug. I know it sounds far fetched, but its what they did to people who cured cancer, and what they are doing to doctors who cure Lyme.

  2. Labelling obesity a disease and declaring war on it thereby creating a generation of people who are *diseased* and shaming them into weight loss (probably only to gain it back again by 2 fold or more because they didn’t address their relationship with food) isn’t a sound long term strategy for lifestyle change in my opinion.

  3. I really think the solution is education and making healthier foods less expensive and more readily available. I see encouraging changes being made, but what’s being done now is not nearly enough.

  4. While I wouldn’t rely on Wikipedia completely have a look at the definition of ‘disease’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disease
    I agree that obesity shouldn’t be referred to as a disease or epidemic as these words to conjure images of medicine and surgery rather than social structures and politics. But it is easy to see why obesity can easily be classified as a disease.
    The sooner governments and the people work towards not allowing fast food businesses to be established in our communities and instead promote and support innovative accessible healthy food options the better we will all be. Obesity is more than just about food though. What about the social pressures related to work and consumerism stress that lead to lifestyles that support unhealthy choices? The sooner we operate in a system that moves slower the sooner more people will be able to achieve healthy living.

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