9 responses to “Robyn Lawley

  1. That’s just it. She’s a ‘plus size’ model, but she’s not fat. She doesn’t jiggle, her stomach is flat, you can see her jawline. She is gorgeous, and by the looks of it very healthy. Those were the models of yesteryear, the most beautiful, the ones with the ideal body that not too many are able to achieve. The models of today are sickly, not beautiful, and they have bodies that anyone can achieve via starvation. Great post!

  2. She’s not “plus size” – she’s the ideal weight for her height. And, really, since when did average become “plus sized” – especially since that would make most models “minus sized.”

    I’m glad she’s getting exposure though, she’s an inspiration to girls who want to enter the modelling world.

    • Yep, and even at a size 12 I’m sure she is told she has to gain weight for shoots. It’s kind of strange how the beauty industry wants women who are either under or over weight, but not a healthy. If you look like Cindy Crawford they tell you to drop 30lbs or gain 30lbs. It’s messed up!

  3. An emphasis on these women as beautiful souls (whole persons) would be a good start. How about let’s raise the lower age limit on modeling, and stop the age discrimination on the upside. That will give the young more chance to focus on inner qualities, and the seasoned women more chance to show those qualities by example along with beauty. Just a thought.

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