Weight loss resolutions



When I embarked on my weight loss journey I thought that it very simple to lose weight.  Either you starved yourself or you worked out a whole bunch.  Unfortunately, both of these will only help us reach short term goals.  By simply adding exercise without proper recovery we are actually increasing the amount of stress in our lives.  This will lead to the production of stress hormones and more weight gain.  If we drastically reduce our calorie intake our bodies will slow down our metabolism to a grinding halt.  Often times, this will lead to a net weight gain.

When I was 18 years old I experienced a spell of depression that caused me to lose weight extremely rapidly, but when I came out of it I put it on just as fast if not faster.  It took me only 3 months to lose 70lbs, but then only two months to put it back on.  During the 2 months where I put the weight back on I did not change my diet from anything other than what I normally ate.  Here are some things to watch out for:

1) Cortisol


Cortisol is always present in the body and helps convert fats and carbohydrates into fast energy (It also controls a bunch of other things in the body including the release of insulin).   There are higher amounts in the morning and it tappers off at night.  Cortisol production also ramps up in times of stress and increases our appetite.  Presumably because in the wild we would need to recover energy from running away from a bear or need to store up fat for the winter.  In modern day society we don’t need to recover energy for a bear or get fattened up for winter.  Unless of course, you’re on one of those Wild Alaska shows.  Cortisol drastically increases the fat deposited in the abdominal region.  If your tummy looks like this guys you’re pumping to much cortisol and it will be very hard for you to lose weight without addressing whatever is causing you stress first.   The more you try and deny yourself what your body is asking for the more it will ask for it.  If you have ever had to go to the bathroom and been stuck in traffic its similar to that.  First its gentle, but it will continue to get worse until that gas station just 50 feet away is the only thing you can focus on.  If you have a similar body type to this guy.  Don’t diet or hit the gym.  Try adding long walks, yoga or getting more sleep.  You will be surprised with the results.

2) Candida


Candida is a yeast that grows inside us naturally, but when we consume a high carbohydrate diet this yeast can become over grown and cause a lot of problems.  Many holistic health doctors blame candida for ailments ranging from the common to cancer.  There is one thing it does for sure tho.  It craves sugar!  Yeast needs sugar to grow and as result will cause you to crave carbohydrates and often times eat them up before your body even has a chance to use them for itself.  As a result, your appetite will be increased despite eating adequate calories.  You can tell that you have a candida overgrowth by a white thrush on your tongue.  Do not Google search it unless you have a strong stomach.  When a candida infection becomes bad enough it can spread to the skin causing causing some pretty intense images.  Fortunately, getting rid of candida is simple (not easy  or hard ) you can take a candida cleanse such as, CandiGone (find out more about them on my detox page) or you can go on a candida cleanse diet.  The candida cleanse diet is a no carbohydrate diet that you follow

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