Drinking quality water is one of the best things we can do for ourselves, but how much should we drink and what is quality water exactly?  Well fortunately there is a handy little hydration calculator available here.  For those of you that don’t want to use the calculator men need about 3L of water a day and women need about 2.2L.  Optimal hydration is needed for just about every metabolic process in the body and dehydration will start well before you even get thirsty so drink up, but before you do read the rest of this article to find out what kind.  Yes, it does make a big difference!

Here’s the problem, we need to drink about 3L of water a day, but it just isn’t readily available.  We are not designed to drink polluted, treated and demineralized tap water.  Human beings are built to drink clean, mineral rich living water.  This water can be surprisingly difficult to get in this day an age. Here are some tips to look out for when you are picking out a water.

  • According to the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, water from high quality springs will make beautiful crystal shapes when frozen, but treated water will form ugly and deformed crystals. So, drink live water.
  • There is a lot of debate about the alkalinity of water: Studies have shown that alkaline water will help you detox, but most high quality springs with large amounts of trace minerals will be more acidic.
  • The taste test: Your body is built to recognize what is good for you. Ever drink a cup of fresh spring water that made you go damn that’s tasty? Chances are this is your body responding to the trace minerals in that specific water. Keep drinking that water until the taste doesn’t wow you anymore.

The only way to get the water we were meant to drink is to buy it from trusted springs in BPA free bottles, harvest it yourself or invest in water purification system*. Keep in mind a trusted spring is actual spring water that does not need to be treat before bottling. Most of the larger spring water companies out there use purified tap water. The PH of this tap water will usually be around 7.2, can have toxins like chlorine and will be lacking in trace minerals.

  • Some great companies to buy Spring water from are Eternal (PH of 7.8-8.2), Mountain Valley Spring (PH average of 8.3, also used in the white house), Saratoga (PH 7.1), Summit Springs (PH 5.7)
  • Danny Vitalis’s website Findaspring.com is a great resource to find local spring to harvest raw water. Remember to get your hands on some large glass jugs! (Old gallons of wine seem to work great)
  • Water purification systems can range from a simple charcoal filter to advanced water ionizers. Read my review on these systems here. While these systems are not perfect often times they can give you 95% of the benefit of harvesting your own water or getting it from a quality source at a fraction of the cost. Some systems can even give you ionized water which can have miraculous effects on curing disease.

BPA or Bisphenol A  is known to mock several hormones in the body like estrogen.  For people trying to lose weight more estrogen in our diet is the last thing we need.  It is also an “alleged carcinogen” and currently classified as a toxic substance in Canada, banned in baby bottles in the EU and more recently banned in baby bottles in the US as well.  The reasoning behind the baby bottle ban is because heating releases the BPA from the plastic at a very rapid rate, but the normal release rate “should” be safe enough for humans.  Given the choice I’d rather not ingest a known estrogen mocker even in small doses because even tho the science may say it shouldn’t cause harm in small doses, but what about over the course of 20 to 50 years?  I haven’t seen studies over that period of time yet.


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